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MegaVST is a free VST plugins archive, download free audio plugin for musician or sound engineer. We allow you to download freeware VST, both audio effects and virtual instruments (VSTi).
This plugin can be used in audio software (Digital Audio Workstation Software) that supports VST including: Steinberg Cubase, Nuendo, FL Studio (Fruityloops), Ableton Live, Adobe Audition, etc.
List of supported audio software is available here.

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About Amri MF
Is a web developer / programmer and also a musician. A music composer and familiar with DAW software such as Steinberg Cubase or Nuendo.

About VST
Steinberg’s Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is an interface for integrating software audio synthesizer and effect plugins with audio editors and hard-disk recording systems. VST and similar technologies use digital signal processing to simulate traditional recording studio hardware with software. Thousands of plugins exist, both commercial and freeware, and VST is supported by a large number of audio applications. The technology can be licensed from its creator, Steinberg.
For more info, please read the Wiki