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MegaVST is a free VST plugins directory, download free virtual instrument and audio effects that you can use to create a music.

VST (Virtual Studio Technology) is a software interface that integrates software audio synthesizer and effect plugins with audio editors and recording systems developed by Steinberg. Here you can find the free ones, and use it on Digital Audio Workstation software to produce a music.

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TigerDelay screenshots
TigerDelay 5.00/5 1 votes

TigerDelay is a delay effect plugin that supports filtering, reverse and ducking delay, that is synchronized with musical tempo. Features: – Ducking delay -

Ambience Reverb

Ambience Reverb screenshots
Ambience Reverb 5.00/5 1 votes

This plugin is the most recommended free reverb plugin, created by Magnus Jonsson, member of Smart Electronix. Ambience reverb is a studio quality reverb

DSK Elektrik Keys

DSK Elektrik Keys screenshots
DSK Elektrik Keys 5.00/5 1 votes
Electric Piano

DSK Elektrik Keys is an electric piano virtual instruments plugin, with 13 waveforms and 2 layers electric piano sounds. DSK Elektrik Keys Features: -

Spicy Guitar

Spicy Guitar screenshots
Spicy Guitar 4.50/5 2 votes

Spicy Guitar is a free acoustic guitar virtual instrument. Based on a breakthrough physical modeling sound synthesis technology. Its sounds are natural and rich.


Zebralette screenshots
Zebralette 4.67/5 3 votes

Zebralette also known as u-he Zebra is just one of Zebra2′s oscillators packed into a simple, easy-to-learn framework – but you have everything you