Free Piano VST Plugins

Le Piano

Le Piano screenshots
Le Piano 3.50/5 8 votes

Le Piano is a simple one sound piano module, which simulates a Bar Piano sound. An upright piano vst instrument created by safwan matni.

Jazz Baby

Jazz Baby screenshots
Jazz Baby 4.15/5 13 votes

Jazz baby is a Baby Grand Piano Module, a free virtual instruments plug-ins by safwan matni, no adjustable control but have a nice sound,

MDA ePiano

MDA ePiano screenshots
MDA ePiano 4.60/5 5 votes
Electric Piano

MDA ePiano is a virtual ePiano Plug-ins (ePiano VST) from MDA. Based around 12 carefully sampled and mastered Rhodes Piano samples. Features: MDA ePiano


LazySnake screenshots
LazySnake 4.00/5 2 votes

LazySnake VST is a virtual e-piano, with a good quality electic piano sound, and some variations on it. Features WahWah Tremolo Midi automation Midi

4Front Piano

4Front Piano screenshots
4Front Piano 3.56/5 9 votes

4Front Piano is a small single sound virtual instrument without any settings that reproduces a timbre of an upgright home piano. It is available